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 10 steps to victory. (Given you already know how to aim and shoot, of course)

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PostSubject: 10 steps to victory. (Given you already know how to aim and shoot, of course)   Mon Nov 01, 2010 11:20 am

1. Melee brawling is slightly toned down. Not only does the possibility of a sawn-off shotgun on the enemy's person make the tactic far riskier, it takes three melees to down rather than the usual two. Stick with firing your weapon!

2. The sawn-off shotgun and Pendulum Lancer work well with smoke grenades. You can either throw one at an enemy and walk through the smoke ready to hipfire, or lower your bayonet and charge.

3. Hear the roar of a bayonet charge? Simply roll to the side. The charging player can only turn slightly, as though he's roadie running, and has a recovery period after he misses, which gives you the pefect chance to kill him.

4. In capture the leader, leaders can't be killed. Same goes for your leader. So if he or she has been captured, One shot through him to get the captor, or rain moter strikes down on his position...

5. Run out of grenades and grabbed an enemy as a meatshield? Not a problem. You can still tag him with a grenade before kicking him away by pressing Up ont the D-pad. If you're out of grenades, you'll steal his before doing so.

6. When the sandstorm hits on the Trenches map, all is not lost. If players are still spotting enemies with Y, you can still use the icon to line up your digger launcher, One shot, Mortar, Longshot and so on.

7. The sawn-off shotgun reload time is long, but if you have the Pendulum Lancer, try this. Miss a shot then back off. You'll likely be charged during your presumed reload time, so switch to hte Pendulum Lancer and finish him off!

8. Trying to flush someone out of cover but only have a Flame Grenade? Check above them. Gravity will see flames drip down, so throw it at the ceiling above them or wall behind them.

9. In capture the leader, the leader's Tac/Com will show the position of all the enemies on the map. Souse it and get him to either tell you where they are, or to spot enemies using Y button when he gets line of sight with them.

10. For those stand-offs where both of you are behind the same bit of cover, you can risk vaulting over. This will see you kick the other player and put him in a staggering animation where you can kill him.
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10 steps to victory. (Given you already know how to aim and shoot, of course)
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